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Trial Victory Against Condominium Association

Gordon & Lowman secured a favorable verdict for a client who was sued by a condominium association for unpaid monthly fees. The client was living with his parents in the condominium after completing high school and his parents added his name to the deed (without his knowledge) as a surprise gift and investment in his future. After the client began his career and moved out of his parents' condominium, the parents eventually divorced and fell behind on payment of the monthly fees and association charges. The condominium association sued our client for years worth of unpaid condominium fees in addition to attorneys' fees and litigation costs even though the client had not lived there in years and never knew he was on the deed. The condominium association argued the client was responsible for payment because he technically owned the condominium due to his name being on the deed. At trial, Gordon & Lowman successfully argued the client's name being on the deed was an attempted gift from his parents that was never accepted by the client since he had no knowledge of the event, never received a benefit from being added to the deed, and took no affirmative steps to "accept" the gift. Following a one day trial, a verdict was entered in favor of the client and against the condominium association.

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